Jonathan Goldman

literature prof, musician, and idea man

Welcome to the (mostly) professional website of Jonathan Goldman, literature professor, writer, and musician. I created this site as a one-stop portal for the various projects I've had going on over the past few years, some completed, some in progress. Partly, my intention is to be able myself to view them all in one place. 

As associate professor at New York Institute of Technology, I teach writing and courses about twentieth-century literature and culture (US, Latino, British and Irish), and occasionally something outside of that. My scholarship focuses on literature and its relationship to mass, technological society during what is sometimes called "the long 20th Century" (roughly 1850 to the present). My sub-specialties include the history of the novel, modernism, visual culture (especially early cinema), celebrity, popular music, comics, literature/law studies, and New York City cultural history.

In August of 2019, I was honored to be appointed Vice-President of the James Joyce Society (founded in New York City in 1947).

That’s all my day job, so to speak. In addition, I’m a musician: trumpet player, songwriter, and bandleader, and radio DJ as well. My main current band is a Latin soul/boogaloo outfit called Spanglish Fly.

 I’ve also spent many hours of my life playing music in the service of social justice and progressive causes as member of the RMO (which see, if you know what I'm talking about).

(By the way, if you’re looking for Jonathan Goldman, sound healer, or Jonathan Goldman, scholar of classical music, or Jonathan Goldman, millionaire, you’ve come to the wrong place.)