Jonathan Goldman

literature prof, musician, and idea man


James Joyce and the Law. Ed. Jonathan Goldman. University of Florida Press (2017).

Modernism is the Literature of Celebrity. U of Texas P (2011).

Modernist Star Maps: Celebrity, Modernity, Culture. Ed. Jonathan Goldman and Aaron Jaffe. Ashgate (2010). 

Academic Articles and Chapters


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Other Articles (Selected)

“Joyce and the Dems: Ulysses, Politics and Cultural Capital.” Modernism/modernity. April 29, 2019.

"Winter Is Coming: How HBO's Game of Thrones Is Going Off-Book and Breaking All the Rules." The Millions April 9, 2015.

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Miscellaneous Scholarly Work

Scholarly Consultant, Symphony Space, Bloomsday on Broadway, September 2018-current

Guest Editor, "Legal Joyce" issue of James Joyce Quarterly 50.4.

Scholarly Editor/Consultant, Ulysses Seen by Rob Berry. September 2014-present. 

Reviews and Review Essays (Selected)

Robert Spoo, Modernism and the Law. Bloomsbury, 2018. Review of English Studies, June 2019.

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Invited Talks

“Joyce and the Law.” Dublin James Joyce Center. February 2018.

“Bloomsday in Buenos Aires.” University of Buenos Aires. June 2017.

“Ulysses T-Shirt.” 18th Annual Trieste James Joyce School. June 2016. (Variations of his talk presented at the New York James Joyce Society, October 2015 and at the New York Public Library, June 2014.)

"Oscar Wilde, Trademarking Taste."  Oscar Wilde and the Law. University of Tulsa College of Law, November 2013.

Academic Conference Presentations (Selected)

“Presenting Joyce: Ulysses as Gift in Popular Narratives.” International James Joyce Symposium, June 2019.

"Lunching With GBS." Modern Languages Association, January 2016.

"The Chic of Boardwalk Empire." Modernist Studies Association, November 2014.

"Literary Boogaloo."  American Comparative Literature Association, March 2014.

"What was Shavianism?" Modernist Studies Association, October 2012.

"Ulysses, the Fiction of Trademark."  International James Joyce Symposium, June 2012.

"James Joyce in Jean Rhys."  Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, February 2012.

"(Re-) Making Modernism: A Roundtable on the Work of Robert Scholes."  Modernist Studies Association, October 2011. (Presentation was delivered in absentia.)

"Ur-Insignia: the Bass Ale Logo." The Modern Language Association, January 2011.

"Modernist Bull****."  Modernist Studies Association, November 2009.

"Alan Moore, the Comics, and the Canon."  The Modern Language Association, December 2008.

"Wilde in America and Celebrity in the Twentieth Century."  The Modern Language Association, December 2007.

"Oscar Wilde, Fashioning Fame."  The Modern Language Association, December 2004.

"The Fame Function: Chaplin’s Self-Production as Author and Celebrity." Annual Conference of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, April 2003.

"Propheteering: James Joyce as Celebrity."  James Joyce Conference, June 2001.

"Crime Doesn’t Play: Celebrity in 1930s Gangster Films." Modernist Studies Association, November 2000.

"Teaching Ulysses" Roundtable. International James Joyce Symposium, June 2000.

"A Frivolous Joyce."  International James Joyce Symposium, June 1998.

Other Presentations and Panels

"Ulysses T-shirt." Bloomsday Lecture, The New York Public Library, June 2015.

"A Celebration: 100th Anniversary of Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp." NYIT, April 2014.

"Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity." NYIT Faculty Scholars Reception, April 2012.

"Trademarking Character: Arthur Conan Doyle and the Case of Bass Ale." CUNY Victorian Seminar, December 2011.

"How Modernist Literature Created Celebrity and Vice Versa."  Wertheim Lecture, The New York Public Library, May 2011.

"Gertrude Stein, Everybody's Celebrity." U Penn Modernism Group, February 2005.

Panel/Conference OrganizingChairing (Selected)

Panel Organizer and Respondent, "Legal Joyce." Panel Sponsored by the International James Joyce Foundation. Modern Language Association, January 2014.

Panel Organizer, "Intellectual Property in Joyce from Copyright to Branding and Beyond."  International James Joyce Symposium, June 2012.

Chair, "Modernism and Self-Help." Modernist Studies Association, October 2012.

Chair, "Serial Encounters with The Little Review." International James Joyce Symposium, June 2012.

Conference Organizer, "Modernist Manhattan. "  NYIT, March 2012.

Conference Organizer,  "The Latino Cultures of NYC."  NYIT, March 2011.

Panel Organizer, "Modernism and Branding."  The Modern Language Association, January 2011.Seminar co-organizer and co-chair, "Modernism and Celebrity."  The Modern Language Association, December 2005.