Jonathan Goldman

literature prof, musician, and idea man

New YORK Ulysses Reading Group



I guide small groups and individual readers through Joyce's Ulysses in non-academic settings.

The Current group (Fall-winter 2018-19) meets monday afternoons in midtown Manhattan. Contact me if you'd like to join, or if you'd like to schedule an informal course of anywhere from 5 to 18 weeks. 

Photograph of Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold. Wikicommons.

Photograph of Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold. Wikicommons.


Jonathan Goldman manages to convey to the students a detailed and yet understandable sense about a text in which everything seems to converge. Teaching Ulysses could be an endless task, but Jonathan is able to explain very clearly the contents and diversity of styles which it contains. I read a Spanish translation and he helped me to work simultaneously with the English version. Highly recommended!

– Judith Boidman, Buenos Aires, August 2017

Dear Dr. Goldman,

I want to express my appreciation, again, for your delightful leadership and tutelage through our Ulysses class this Fall.  James Joyce is a love-hate relationship and I have such fond memories of your clever navigation through the abysses of his, more impudent, chapters.

Your lectures are pure joy and I thank you for your instruction, Sir. 

I look forward to our next adventure in ...great books~!

Best Regards,

Deborah Morse Ford