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Joyce and the Law (edited by Jonathan Goldman) Now available from University of Florida Press (click here)"

"A capacious, generative, and important collection with far-ranging implications for Joyce studies and for our understanding of literature’s relationship to law. Goldman brings together a tremendous group of scholars, critics, and legal practitioners whose rich perspectives set the terms for an enduring conversation on the place of law in Joyce and in culture broadly conceived."

—Ravit Reichman, author of The Affective Life of Law: Legal Modernism and the Literary Imagination   

November 2017 


Table of contents

Part I. Legal Lives of Joyce's Characters

1. Criminal Conversation: Marriage, Adultery, and the Law in Joyce’s Work

Janine Utell, Widener University

2. From Paralysis to Homo Economicus: Joyce, Ireland, and British Finance

Carey Mickalites, University of Memphis

3. Joyce, the Aliens Act and Immigration

Steven Morrison, Charles Peake Seminar, University of London


Part II. Legal Regimes of Joyce's Spaces and Places

4. Joyce’s Novels in the Context of European Language Laws

Tekla Mecsnober, University of Groeningen

5. Joyce and National Self-Determination

Rich Cole, University of Alberta

6. Dublin, Inc.: Municipal Corporation Reform in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room"

Celia Marshik, Stony Brook University, SUNY

7. “ Nobody Owns": Ulysses, Tenancy and Property Law

Andrew Gibson, Royal Holloway, University of London

8. Pro Bono Publico: Urban Space in "Cyclops"

Robert Brazeau, University of Alberta


Part III.  Joyce's Legal Languages and Sources

9. Ulysses and The Cornwall Case

Adrian Hardiman, Supreme Court, Republic of Ireland

10. “Eating orangepeels in the park”: Largesse, Libel and Public Action in Ulysses

Anne Marie D'Arcy, University of Leicester

11. The Law In/Of Finnegans Wake: A Starchamber Quiry

Terence Killeen, James Joyce Centre, Dublin

12. The Logos of Trademark: Joyce, Bass Ale, and Brand Insignias

Jonathan Goldman, New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan


Part IV. Legal Circulation

13. Literature Meets Law in Court:  The Trials of Ulysses

Joseph Hassett, Attorney

14. The Prestige of the Law: Revisiting Judge Woolsey’s Ulysses Obscenity Decision

Kevin Birmingham, Harvard University

15. Ulysses as Deodend

Robert Spoo, University of Tulsa School of Law

16. Past and Future of Joycean Copyright

Amanda Golden, New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury